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***Seniors, if you have lost your access code, please email us at to get the ordering link for your portraits.***
Alta Mesa ElementaryAlta Mesa Fall 2021 Orders9/2/21
Anderson HeightsAnderson Heights Fall 2021 Orders9/15/21
Anderson MiddleAnderson Middle Fall 2021 Orders9/17/21
Anderson New Tech High SchoolAnderson New Tech Fall 2021 Orders8/10/21
Antelope ElementaryAntelope Fall 2021 Orders9/28/21
Bend ElementaryBend Fall 2021 Orders9/24/21
Berrendos Middle SchoolBerrendos Fall 2021 Orders9/30/21
Bidwell ElementaryBidwell Fall 2021 Orders9/14/21
Bonny ViewBonny View Fall 2021 Orders9/8/21
Boulder Creek ElementaryBoulder Creek Fall 2021 Orders8/27/21
Centennial High SchoolCentennial HS Fall 2021 Orders (No Seniors)8/20/21
Cypress ElementaryCypress Fall 2021 Orders9/17/21
Enterprise High SchoolEnterprise High Fall 2021 Orders (No Seniors)8/23/21
Evergreen ElementaryEvergreen Elementary Fall 2021 Orders9/22/21
Evergreen Institute of ExcellenceEIE Fall 2021 Orders9/30/21
Evergreen Middle SchoolEvergreen Middle Fall 2021 Orders9/30/21
Foothill High SchoolFoothill High School Fall 2021 Orders (No Seniors)8/19/21
Gerber ElementaryGerber Fall 2021 Orders9/10/21
Happy Valley Elementary SchoolHappy Valley Elementary Fall 2021 Orders10/11/21
Happy Valley Primary SchoolHappy Valley Primary Fall 2021 Orders10/11/21
Jackson HeightsJackson Heights Fall 2021 Orders10/15/21
Junction ElementaryJunction Elementary Fall 2021 Orders10/25/21
Lassen View (Los Molinos)Lassen View (Los Molinos) Fall 2021 Orders10/1/21
Lassen View (Redding)Lassen View (Redding) Fall 2021 Orders9/13/21
LAVALAVA Fall 2021 Orders9/20/21
Liberty ChristianLiberty Christian Fall 2021 Orders9/27/21
Los Molinos ElementaryLos Molinos El Fall 2021 Orders8/26/21
Los Molinos High SchoolLos Molinos High Fall 2021 Orders (No Seniors)8/17/21
Maywood DaVinciMaywood Da Vinci Fall 2021 Orders8/25/21
Meadow LaneMeadow Lane Fall 2021 Orders9/16/21
Metteer ElementaryMetteer Fall 2021 Orders9/21/21
Mistletoe SchoolMistletoe Fall 2021 Orders10/5/21
North CottonwoodNorth Cottonwood Fall 2021 Orders9/9/21
North Valley Continuation High SchoolNorth Valley Fall 2021 Orders9/7/21
Olive ViewOlive View Fall 2021 Orders9/23/21
Pace AcademyPace Academy Fall 2021 Orders10/14/21
Pacheco SchoolPacheco Fall 2021 Orders9/2/21
Parsons Jr HighParsons Jr High Fall 2021 Orders9/16/21
Plum ValleyPlum Valley Fall 2021 Orders10/8/21
Prairie SchoolPrairie Fall 2021 Orders9/1/21
Rancho Tehama ElementaryRancho Tehama Fall 2021 Orders10/27/21
RBHS Independent StudyRBHS ISP Fall 2021 Orders11/5/21
Red Bluff High SchoolRBHS Fall 2021 Orders (No Seniors)8/5/21 & 8/9/21
Redding CollegiateRedding Collegiate Fall 2021 Orders10/14/21
Reeds CreekReeds Creek Fall 2021 Orders9/10/21
Rother ElementaryRother Fall 2021 Orders9/8/21
Sacred HeartSacred Heart Fall 2021 Orders9/20/21
Salisbury HighSalisbury High Fall 2021 Orders11/5/21
Shasta County Independent StudyShasta Independent Study Fall 2021 Orders8/24/21
Shasta High SchoolShasta High Fall 2021 Orders (No Seniors)8/18/21
Shasta MeadowsShasta Meadows Fall 2021 Orders9/28/21
Tehama eLearning AcademyTeLA Fall 2021 Orders9/22/21
Vina ElementaryVina Fall 2021 Orders9/24/21
Vista Preparatory AcademyVista Prep Fall 2021 Orders8/31/21
West CottonwoodWest Cottonwood Fall 2021 Orders9/8/21
West Street SchoolWest Street Fall 2021 Orders10/19/21
WoodsonWoodson Fall 2021 Orders9/29/21